• - (房屋、车船等的出入口 ) entrance; exit; door; gate:

    side door; 便门

    front [back] entrance [door]; 前[后]门

    - (形状或作用像门的东西) switch; valve:

    throttle valve; 闸门{机}

    sluice; water gate; 水门

    - (门径; 关键) way ; method; access:

    key; knack; 窍门

    have learned the ropes; know one's way around; get an inkling 摸着点门儿了

    - (家; 家族) family; house:

    the whole family; 满门

    Blessing has descended upon the house. 喜临门。

    - (宗教、学术思想上的派别) school (of thought); (religious) sect; branch of study:

    Buddhism; 佛门

    Confucian disciples; 孔门弟子

    - (事物的分类) category; class; branch of study:

    speciality; 专门

    know every subject or profession; 门门精通

    - {生} (具有最基本最显著的共同特征的生物的归类) phylum:

    Protozoa; 原生动物门

    Vertebrata 脊椎动物门

    - {计} gate:

    AND gate; “与”门

    NOT gate “非”门

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Men Wen'ai 门文爱

  • - (用于炮):

    a piece of artillery; a cannon; a gun; 一门大炮

    two mortars 两门迫击炮

    - (用于功课、技术等):

    this marriage (proposal); 这一门大炮

    this branch of study; 这门学问



  1. 这门闩不牢。
    This door won't latch properly.
  2. 大门太窄,汽车进不去。
    The gate is too narrow for a car.
  3. 请把门打开。
    Open the door, please.
  4. 门口有个男人要求见你。
    Some man at the door is asking to see you.
  5. 进来前请先敲门。
    Please do not enter before knocking on the door.
  6. 我送你到门口。
    I'll walk you to the door.
  7. 我走到临湖而开的那扇门前。
    I reached the gate that opened onto the lake.
  8. 你把门漆成什么颜色?
    What color did you paint the door?


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