• - (年纪较大) older; elder; senior:

    older than her; 比她年长

    My brother is senior to me by two years. 家兄比我年长两岁。

    - (排行最大) eldest; oldest:

    eldest daughter; 长女

    eldest brother 长兄

  • - (领导人) chief; head; leader:

    head of a delegation; 代表团团长

    chairman of the board; 董事长

  • - (生) come into being; begin to grow; form:

    get cancer; 长癌

    have a boil; 长疮

    - (生长; 成长) grow; develop:

    Youth is the time of physical growth. 青年时期是长身体的时期。

    She has grown so that she is even a little taller than her mother. 她长得比母亲都高一点了。

    - (增进; 增加) acquire; enhance; increase:

    increase one's knowledge; gain experience; 长见识

    Such a tendency is not to be encouraged. 此风不可长。

  • - (两端之间的距离大,兼指时间和空间) long:

    In summer the days are long and the nights short. 夏季昼长夜短。

    This is a long river. 这条河很长。

    - (引申为永远) forever; lasting:

    depart from the world forever; pass away 与世长辞

  • - (长度) length:

    The length of the bridge is 200 metres. 那座桥有200米长。

    The boat won by three lengths. 这只艇以3艇长之差得胜。

    - (长处) strong point; forte:

    overcome one's shortcomings by learning from others' strong points 取人之长,补己之短

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Chang Wuzi 长武子

  • - (对某事做得特别好; 擅长) be good at; be strong in:

    She is good at painting.; Painting is her forte. 她长于绘画。

  • - (常) often:

    go about sth. little by little without a letup 细水长流



  1. 我对他并不了解,虽然我认识他已经很长时间了。
    I don't know him well though I've known him for a long time.
  2. 她保持着长距离游泳的世界纪录。
    She holds the world record for long distance swimming.
  3. 我和她长谈了一次。
    I had a long talk with her.
  4. 我不喜欢这种长时间的等待。
    I don't like this long wait.
  5. 这条线是那条线的四倍长。
    This line is four times as long as that one.
  6. 她身材苗条,有一头长长的黑发。
    She was slender and had long dark hair.
  7. 到那儿要多长时间?
    How long will it take me to get there?
  8. 这座桥差不多有两公里长。
    The bridge is almost 2 kilometers long.
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