• - (打眼用的工具) drill; auger:

    bench drill; 台钻

    fluted or twist drill; 麻花钻

    - (指钻石) diamond; jewel:

    diamond ring; 钻戒

    a 17-jewel watch 17钻的手表

  • - (用尖物在另一物体上转动) drill; bore:

    bore a hole in wall 在墙上钻个眼

  • - (用尖物在另一物体上转动) drill; bore:

    drill a hole; bore 钻个眼儿

    - (穿过; 进入) go through; penetrate; pierce; get into:

    pass through a tunnel; get into a cave; 钻山洞

    go deep into a forest; 钻进密林深处

    - (钻研) make a penetrating study of; study intensively; dig into:

    dig into books; 钻书本

    study hard at mathematics; 钻上了数学

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zuan Tu 钻荼



  1. 他们钻透了几层岩石以寻找石油。
    They drilled through several layers of rock to reach the oil.
  2. 经数月钻探,在沿海找到了石油。
    After months of drilling, oil was found off the coast.
  3. 被虫蛀的被虫钻透或咬啮的
    Bored through or gnawed by worms.
  4. 钻井机一种在采矿中用来挖掘矿井时在石头上打孔的工具
    A rock-boring tool used in mining for sinking shafts.
  5. 钻孔工具,手钻钻孔用的手持工具
    Any of numerous hand tools for boring holes.
  6. 这台钻机能钻透岩石。
    This drill can bore through rock.
  7. 这是一个带有各种配件的电钻。
    It's an electric drill with a range of different attachments.


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