• - (连接) link; join; connect:

    His heart is linked with the hearts of the masses. 他和群众心连心。

    The sky and the water seem to merge. 天连水,水连天。

    - (连累) involve (in trouble); implicate:

    be implicative of each other 互相牵连

    - (缝) sew:

    sewing and mending; 缝缝连连

    sew two pieces of cloth together 把两块布连在一起

  • - (军队的编制单位) company:

    a company of foot 一连步兵

    - (连词) conjunction
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Lian Cheng 连称

  • - (连续; 接续) in succession; one after another; repeatedly:

    sing five songs one after another; 连唱了5支歌

    send three telegrams in succession 连发三封电报

    - (甚至) even:

    He was so busy that he even forgot to write home. 他忙得连家信都忘了写。

    I didn't even give a thought. 我连想都没有想过。

  • - (包括在内) including:

    This dictionary is 100 yuan, postage included. 这本词典连邮费共100元。

    There are ten people in this office including me. 这个办公室连我共有10人。



  1. 这里一连好几天都是雨天。
    There are a succession of rainy days here.
  2. 这条路把所有的新城镇都连接起来了。
    The road links all the new towns.
  3. 我在街上遇到她,可是当我向她微笑时,她却连招呼都没有向我打一个。
    I passed her in the street but she didn't even acknowledge me when I smiled.
  4. 他连看都没看一眼,就称颂她的新衣服。
    He complimented her on her new dress without even looking at it.
  5. 他虚弱得连手都抬不起来。
    He was too weak even to lift his hand.
  6. 即使绞尽脑汁,他还是连一个例子也想不出来。
    Even after racking his brains he couldn't think of a single example.
  7. 他被任命为步枪连连长。
    He was appointed captain of a company of rifles.
  8. 他把钉子掉到了地上,听见了一连串的叮当声。
    He dropped the nails on the ground and successive clangs were heard.


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