• - (装载) load; carry; hold:

    fully load; 满载

    overload; 超载

    - (充满道路) (the road) be filled with:

    Complaints are heard all over.; Popular grievances are openly voiced everywhere. 怨声载道。

    Whirling snow swept over the road. 风雪载途。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Zai Hui 载晖

  • - (又; 且) and; as well as; while:

    talking and laughing at the same time 载笑载言

  • - (年) year:

    six to twelve months; six months to a year; 一年半载

    three to five years; 三年五载

  • - (记载) put on record; write down:

    publish in newspapers or magazines; 登载

    reprint; 转载



  1. 今天报纸上登载了总统访问的详尽报道。
    Today's papers carry full reports of the President's visit.
  2. 这辆卡车最大载重量是一吨。
    The maximum load for this lorry is one ton.
  3. 这辆卡车装载很重。
    The truck was heavily loaded.
  4. 负载过重会把绳子拉紧到崩断的地步。
    Too heavy a load will strain the rope to its breaking point.
  5. 这船负有重载。
    The boat received a heavy load.
  6. 商人决定用骆驼载运货物穿过沙漠。
    The merchant decided to use camels to carry his goods across the desert.
  7. 火车载着许多旅客。
    The train carries many passengers.
  8. 高架路得承载很多车辆。
    A road bridge has to carry a lot of traffic.


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