• - (戒备) guard against; garrison:

    be on guard against 警惕

    - (使人注意) warn; alarm:

    punish one as a warning to others; 以一警百

    serve as warning for the future 以警将来

  • - (感觉敏锐) alert; vigilant:

    alert; sharp-witted; vigilant; 机警

    be a light sleeper 警醒

  • - (危险紧急的情况或事情) alarm:

    give an alarm; 报警

    fire alarm 火警

    - (警察的简称) police:

    traffic police; 交通警

    police box; 警亭



  1. 号兵吹出告警的号声。
    A trumpeter sent out a warning blast.
  2. 他警告我晚上不要到那去。
    He warned me against going there at night.
  3. 汽笛响起了空袭警报。
    The sirens sounded an air-raid warning.
  4. 没有人对即将发生的危险发出警告。
    No one has given out a warning of the imminent danger.
  5. 昨晚我们听见了火警声。
    The sound of fire-alarm was heard by us yesterday evening.
  6. 火警铃的铛铛声惊动了全村的人。
    The clang of the firebell alarmed the village.
  7. 报警器正发出火警警报。
    The fire-alarm is giving warning of fire.
  8. 我一看见冒烟,就发出了警报。
    I gave the alarm as soon as I saw the smoke.
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