• - (空虚) void; emptiness:

    infiltrate by taking advantage of the other side's unpreparedness; exploit a weak point; 乘虚而入

    soar to the skies; 凌虚

    - (政治思想等方面的道理) guiding principles; theory:

    discuss principles or ideological guidelines; 务虚

    Let correct ideology guide practical work. 以虚带实。

    - (二十八宿之一) Xu, one of the lunar mansions
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Xu Zigao 虚子羔

  • - (空着) reserve space:

    reserve the honoured post for someone competent 虚左以待

  • - (空着的) empty; void; unoccupied:

    There was no empty seat.; All seats were occupied. 座无虚席。

    - (心虚; 勇气不足) diffident; timid:

    timid; milk-livered; 胆虚

    feel rather diffident 心里有点虚

    - (不真实; 虚假) false; nominal:

    false reputation; 虚名

    What you hear about may be false; what you see is true. 耳闻为虚,眼见为实。

    - (不自满; 虚心)humble; modest:

    modest 谦虚

    - (虚弱) weak; in poor health:

    lacking in vital energy; sapless; 气虚

    be very weak physically; 身体很虚

    - {物} (虚的) virtual:

    virtual placement; 虚位移

    virtual cathode 虚阴极

  • - (徒然; 白白地) in vain:

    have not made the trip in vain; 不虚此行

    Not a single arrow missed its target. 箭不虚发。



  1. 仙人生活在太虚之中。
    Celestials live in the great void.
  2. 我觉得我很空虚。
    I feel I am in emptiness.
  3. 他用虚假的诺言哄骗了她。
    He deluded her with empty promises.
  4. 那是一个空虚的世界。
    It is a world of emptiness.
  5. 他们哄骗我,让我产生了一种虚假的安全感。
    They lulled me into a false sense of security.
  6. 他的快活是虚假的。
    His cheerfulness is false.
  7. 这些道听途说的事全属子虚。
    The stories being bandied about are completely false.


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