• - (储存大量东西的地方) storing place; depository; deposit:

    precious (mineral) deposits; 宝藏

    mineral deposits 矿藏

    - (佛教或道教的经典的总称) Buddhist or Taoist scriptures:

    the great scriptures; 大藏经

    Buddhist sutra; Buddhist scriptures 佛藏

    - (指西藏) short for the Xizang Autonomous Region
    - (藏族) the Zang nationality
  • - (躲藏; 隐藏) hide; conceal:

    A fox cannot hide its tail. 狐狸尾巴是藏不住的。

    He concealed himself behind the trees. 他藏在树后。

    - (收存; 储藏) store; lay by:

    store grain among the people; 藏粮于民

    Where do you keep your money? 你把你的钱藏在什么地方?



  1. 我们藏在灌木丛后,准备向来犯者发起突然袭击。
    We hid behind the bushes, ready to pounce on the intruder.
  2. 那位革命者为避免被捕在地下躲藏了几个星期。
    The revolutionist eluded capture for weeks by hiding underground.
  3. 我把打碎的盘子藏在餐桌后面了。
    I hid the broken plate behind the table.
  4. 小偷藏在修道院里。
    The thief hid in the abbey.
  5. 藏着别动,等危险过后再出来。
    Stay in concealment until the danger has passed.
  6. 男学生问老师什么是皮革。她说“hide”。他问老师为什么叫他躲藏。这个故事用了双关语。
    The boy asked his teacher what leather was and she said, "Hide". He asked why she told him to hide. The story plays on words.
  7. 他藏在树后。
    He concealed himself behind the tree.
  8. 警察正在追赶藏匿起来的杀人犯。
    The police are following a murderer who's in hiding.


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