• - (捕鸟的网) a net for catching birds:

    net; trap; 罗网

    nets above and snares below 天罗地网

    - (筛子) sieve; sifter; screen:

    copper wire sieve 铜丝罗

    - (质地稀疏的丝织品) a kind of silk gauze:

    silks and satins 绫罗绸缎

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Luo Guanzhong 罗贯中

  • - (张网捕鸟) catch birds with a net:

    catch sparrows with a net 罗雀

    - (陈列) spread out; display:

    spread out; set out; 罗布

    spread out like stars in the sky or chessmen on the chessboard 星罗棋布

    - (招请; 搜集) collect; gather together:

    collect data; 收罗资料

    enlist able men 网罗人才

    - (过罗) sieve; sift:

    sift the flour again 把面再罗一过儿

  • - (十二打为一罗) a gross; twelve dozen



  1. 我很高兴向诸位介绍罗伯特卡尔森先生,他今天将同我们谈世界经济问题。
    I am very pleased to present Mr. Robert Carlson, who will talk with us today about world economy.
  2. 卡罗尔的母亲对她说她已谈得时间够长了,叫她挂断电话。
    Carols mother told.her she had talked long enough on the phone and made her hang up.
  3. 罗斯意识到她斥责埃尔西的时候故意拉开了噪门说道:“她是我最好的朋友,你可要把这一点和你的外行话一起记在心里。就是这样。”
    Rose knew she'd deliberately raised her voice when she told Elsie off and said, "She's the best friend I've ever had and just you remember that with your outsider talk. Now then."
  4. 罗伯特说话时,我能看出吉姆越来越不自在,但难得的是,他一声没吭。
    As Robert was talking I could see Jim getting more and more uncomfortable. But, to his credit, he didn't say anything.


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