• - (物体受到几方面的拉力或压力以后呈现的紧张状态) taut; tight:

    pull the rope taut; 把绳子拉紧

    The bowstring is stretched taut. 弓弦绷得很紧。

    - (物体受外力作用变得固定或牢固) fast; firm:

    tighten the screw; 把螺丝拧紧

    make the door fast; 把门关紧

    - (事物之间非常接近; 空隙极小) close; tight:

    The two shops are next to each other. 那两家铺子紧挨着。

    The whole nation is closely united. 全国人民团结紧。

    - (动作先后密切接连; 事情急迫) urgent; pressing; tense:

    The wind blows hard. 风刮得很紧。

    Things are tense. 风声紧。

    - (严格) strict; stringent:

    exercise strict control; be strict with 管得紧

    - (经济不宽裕; 拮据) hard up; short of money:

    be short of money; be hard up; 手头紧

    Money is tight. 银根紧。

  • - (使紧) tighten:

    tighten the nut; 紧螺母

    tighten the knapsack straps 紧一紧背包带



  1. 外科医生问他是否感到紧张。
    The surgeon asked him if he felt nervous.
  2. 这条裤子我穿太紧了。
    This pair of trousers is too tight for me.
  3. 小孩穿着紧绷的靴子很难受。
    The child was uncomfortable in his tight boots.
  4. 那位胖妇人穿着金色的紧身礼服,显得滑稽可笑。
    That fat woman looked ridiculous in her tight golden dress.
  5. 她紧紧地搂着她的孩子。
    She held her baby tight in her arms.
  6. 小提琴的弦上得太紧,突然断了。
    The violin string snapped because it was fastened too tight.
  7. 这抽屉太紧了,我打不开。
    This drawer is too tight for me to open it.
  8. 他看上去很紧张。
    He looks nervous.


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