• - (姓氏)a surname:

    Bo Zheng 百政

  • - (十个十) hundred
  • - (众多; 所有的) all; all kinds of; classes; multifarious; numerous:

    in the midst of pressing affairs; despite many claims on one's time; 百忙之中

    (of a shop assistant) patiently answer any questions the customers ask and show them any goods they what to see; 百问不厌,百拿不烦

  • - (非常) very; always:

    full of energy; with high spirit; 精神百倍

    very clever 百精百灵



  1. 这本书形象地描写了一百年前的中国生活。
    This book gives a good picture of life in China 100 hundred years ago.
  2. 我百分之百同意你的看法。
    I am a hundred percent in agreement with you.
  3. 这个种植园里有数百名奴隶。
    There were hundreds of slaves in the plantation.
  4. 运动场上有五百多人。
    There are more than five hundred people on the playground.
  5. 辽阔的平原绵延数百英里。
    The vast plains stretch for hundreds of miles.
  6. 成百上千的战士在这场血战中牺牲。
    Hundreds of soldiers died in this bloody battle.
  7. 盟军数以百计的飞机轰炸了那个国家。
    The allied warplanes bombed the country by the hundred.
  8. 由于政府缩减经费的缘故,有五百人被突然解雇了。
    Five hundred jobs were axed as a result of government spending cuts.
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