• - (有电荷存在和电荷变化的现象) electricity:

    negative electricity; 负[阴]电

    static electricity; 静电

    - (电报) telegram; cable:

    congratulatory telegram; 贺电

    urgent telegram; 急电

  • - (触电) give or get an electric shock:

    be killed by an electric shock; 被电死

    There was something wrong with the switch and I got a shock. 电门有毛病,电了我一下。

    - (打电报) send a telegram; telegraph; wire; cable:

    telegraph one's congratulations to sb.; cable a message of congratulations; 电贺

    I telegraphed him the result. 我已把结果电告他了。



  1. 你知道谁是电灯的发明者?
    Do you know who is the creator of the electric bulb?
  2. 我是用电动打字机打这封信的。
    I did the letter on my electric typewriter.
  3. 他让电锯锯掉了一只胳膊。
    He had his arm lopped off by an electric saw.
  4. 电力的中断让我们什么也不能做。
    The interruption of electricity made us unable to do anything.
  5. 我用电动剃须刀刮胡子。
    I shave with an electric razor.
  6. 我们公司是这个地区最大的用电户。
    Our company is the biggest user of electricity in this area.
  7. 他给玛丽买了一个电吹风。
    He bought an electric hair-drier for Mary.
  8. 停电使水供应陷于瘫痪。
    The electricity failure paralysed the water supply.


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