• - (使用) use; employ; apply:

    bake over the fire; 用火烤

    pave a road with stone; 用石头铺路

    - (多用于否定: 需要) need:

    There's no need to turn on the light. 不用开灯。

    I don't think you need to worry in the least. 我看你一点也不用着急。

    - (敬辞: 吃; 喝) eat; drink:

    Won't you have some tea, please? 请用茶。

    Please help yourself (to rice, etc.). 请用饭!

  • - (费用) expenses; outlay:

    family [domestic] expenses; 家用

    pocket [spending] money; 零用钱

    - (用处) usefulness; use:

    useless; worthless; 没用

    A person's education does not fit him for a certain job.; 所学非所用

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Yong Qiu 用虬

  • - (因此; 因为) hence; therefore:

    Hence this letter. 用特函达。



  1. 我用电话旁的一根铅笔记下了他的电话号码。
    I noted down his telephone number with a pencil near the telephone.
  2. 我正在用我新买的煎锅做苹果馅饼。
    I am cooking apple pies with my newly bought frying pan.
  3. 这把重斧头不好用。
    The heavy axe was awkward to use.
  4. 我在击剑时用的是把重剑。
    I use a heavy sabre in fencing.
  5. 我们的汽油用完了。
    Our gasoline has been used up.
  6. 硫磺可以用来制造火药。
    Sulfur can be used to make gunpowder.
  7. 你不能用这张磁盘拷文件,这张盘满了。
    You can't copy your file with this disc; it's full.
  8. 那人用斧头把一块木头劈成两半。
    The man cleft a block of wood in two with an axe.
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