• - (形状) form; shape:

    of grotesque shapes; 奇形怪状

    a ferocious manner 凶恶之状

    - (情况) state; condition; situation; circumstances:

    out of condition; 病状

    present state of affairs; status quo; 现状

    - (陈述事件或记载事迹的文字) account; record:

    a brief biographical sketch of deceased; 行状

    an account of sb.'s meritorious service 功状

    - (指诉状) legal complaint; plaint:

    register a legal complaint; 诉状

    lodge a charge or complaint 告状

    - (褒奖、委任等文件) certificate; official document:

    certificate of commendation; 奖状

    certificate of appointment; commission 委任状

  • - (陈述或描摹) describe; narrate:

    confess one's own mistakes; 自状其过

    cannot be described; beyond description; indescribable 不可名状



  1. 他总的健康状况相当令人满意。
    His general state of health is fairly satisfactory.
  2. 骚乱恶化,政府只得宣布进入紧急状态。
    The rioting grew worse and the government declared a state of emergency.
  3. 他的健康状况时好时坏。
    There are fluctuations in the state of his health.
  4. 这两国间实际上处于战争状态。
    A virtual state of war exists between the two countries.
  5. 他正在看一篇关于道路状况的报告。
    He is reading a report of the state of the roads.
  6. 我宁愿看处于野生状态的动物。
    I prefer to see animals living in their natural state.


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