• - (液体移动; 流动) flow:

    perspire; sweat; 流汗

    Rivers flow into the sea. 江河流入海中。

    - (移动不定) drift; move; wander:

    drift about; float; 飘流

    wander about; be on the move 流转

    - (流传; 传播) spread:

    spread far and wide 广泛流传

    - (向坏的方面转变) degenerate; change for the worse:

    become a mere formality 流于形式

    - (旧时把犯人送到辽远地区去) send into exile; banish:

    send sb. into exile 流放

  • - (指江河的流水) stream of water; stream; current:

    mighty torrent; powerful current; 洪流

    river; 河流

    - (像水流的东西) sth. resembling a stream of water; current; flow:

    cold current; 寒流

    electric current; 电流

    - (品类; 等级) class; grade; rate:

    upper-class society; 上流社会

    well-known people; 社会名流



  1. 他把花茎折断,汁液就流了出来。
    The sap flowed out when he broke the stem of the flower.
  2. 我们的船逆流而上。
    Our ship stemmed on against the current.
  3. 这个电钮接通电流。
    This button switches the current on.
  4. 河中央的水流最急。
    The current is strongest in the middle of the river.
  5. 金属内电流是由电子运动引起的。
    An electric current in metal is caused by the movement of electrons.
  6. 泪水沿着她的面颊流下。
    The tears ran down her cheeks.
  7. 她为自己逝去的青春痛苦地流泪。
    She wept bitter tears over her lost youth.


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