• - (池塘) pool; pond:

    fountain; 喷水池

    fishpond; 养鱼池

    - (旁边高中间洼的地方) an enclosed space with raised sides:

    flower bed; 花池

    dance floor; 舞池

    - (旧指剧场正厅前部) stalls (in a theatre):

    the stalls 池座

    - (护城河) moat:

    city wall and moat; city; 城池

    A fire on the city gate brings disaster to the fish in the moat.; Innocent people get into trouble on account of others' misfortune. 城门失火,殃及池鱼。

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Chi Yuan 池瑗



  1. 池塘四周耸立着一圈树木。
    A fringe of trees stood round the pool.
  2. 池塘里有些芦苇。
    There are some reeds in the pond.
  3. 农场有一个供牛饮水的池塘。
    The farm has a pond from which the cattle can drink.
  4. 装满这个小池塘需要多少桶水?
    How many buckets of water will we need to fill this small pond?
  5. 池塘里点缀着睡莲。
    The pond is dotted with water lilies.
  6. 池塘边有许多花。
    There are many flowers on the brink of the pond.
  7. 鹿低下头去喝池塘里的水。
    The deer lowered its head to drink from the pond.
  8. 池塘上的冰面太薄了,不能滑冰。
    The ice on the pond is too thin for skating.


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