• - (气体) gas:

    poisonous [poison] gas; 毒气

    coal gas; gas; 煤气

    - (空气) air:

    open the window to let in some fresh air; 打开窗子透一气气

    blow air into a balloon; 给气球充气

    - (气息) breath:

    lose one's breath; gasp for breath; 喘不过气来

    be out of breath; gasp for breath; 上气不接下气

    - (自然界冷热阴晴等现象) weather:

    fine autumn weather 秋高气爽

    - (气味) smell; odour:

    bad odour; foul smell; 臭气

    A sweet smell assailed the nostrils. 香气扑鼻。

    - (精神状态) spirit; morale:

    in low spirits; 垂头丧气

    boost the morale; cheer on; 打气

    - (作风; 习气) airs; manner; style:

    bureaucratic airs; 官气

    childishness; 孩子气

    - (受到的欺侮) insult; bullying:

    swallow an insult; submit to humiliation; 忍气吞声

    In the old days, she used to be bullied in the feudal family. 过去,在那个封建家庭里,她受了不少气。

    - {中医} (人体内能使各器官正常地发挥机能的原动力) qi; vital energy; energy of life:

    vitality; vigour 元气

  • - (生气; 发怒) get angry; be enraged:

    tremble with rage; 气得直哆嗦

    He got insanely angry at being made a fool of. 他为受到愚弄而气得发昏。

    - (使人生气) make angry; enrage:

    I was deliberately trying to annoy him.; I got him angry on purpose. 我故意气他一下。



  1. 干酪散发出强烈的气味。
    The cheese was emitting a strong smell.
  2. 麝香是一种有强烈气味的物质。
    Musk is a kind of strong-smelling substance.
  3. 空气是气体的混合物。
    Air is a mixture of gases.
  4. 打开窗户,让新鲜的空气进来。
    Open the window and let in some fresh air.
  5. 新鲜空气和运动有益于健康。
    Fresh air and exercise are good for the health.
  6. 我出门之前,把煤气的总阀关掉了。
    I turned the gas off at the mains before I went out.
  7. 炎热天气一直持续到十月。
    The hot weather extended into October.
  8. 天气怎么样?
    What's the weather like?


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