• - (果子) fruit:

    bear fruit; 结果

    dried [dry] fruit; 干果

    - (事情的结局; 结果) result ; consequence:

    cause and effect; 因果

    effect; result; 效果

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Guo Rong 果荣

  • - (吃饱) fill:

    cannot fill one's stomach 食不果腹

  • - (果断) resolute; determined:

    be truthful in speech and firm in action 言必信,行必果

  • - (果然) as expected; actually; really:

    It happened exactly as expected. 果如所料

  • - (如果) if; if indeed:

    If (indeed) you should have any opinion, you might as well tell us frankly. 果有所见,不妨实说。



  1. 你仔细考虑后结果如何?
    What was the result of your deliberation?
  2. 我们必须考虑到最终的结果。
    We must consider the eventual results.
  3. 国王拒绝评论选举的结果。
    The king refuses to comment on the election results.
  4. 对罪犯的改造有了明显的效果。
    The reformation of criminals has produced an obvious result.
  5. 根据解剖结果,此人死于心脏病发作。
    According to the result of the dissection, the man died from heart attack.
  6. 他们试图预测这场足球比赛的结果。
    They tried to forecast the result of the football match.
  7. 宴会上,大家吃掉了好几篮水果。
    Several baskets of fruit were eaten at the party.
  8. 苹果是一种水果。
    An apple is a kind of fruit.


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