• - (细长的树枝) twig:

    twigs of the chaste tree; 荆条

    willow twigs 柳条

    - (条子) slip; strip:

    noodles; 面条儿

    a strip of cloth 布条儿

    - (分项目的) item; article:

    Article 1; 第一条

    item by item; point by point 逐条

    - (层次; 秩序; 条理) order; method:

    have used method ; put in perfect order 安排得有条有理

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Tiao Mei 条枚

  • - (用于细长的东西):

    a piece of thread; 一条线

    a snake ; 一条蛇

    - (用于以固定数量合成的某些长条形的东西):

    a carton of cigarettes; 一条儿香烟

    a bar of soap 一条肥皂

    - (用于分项的):

    a piece of news; an item of news; 一条新闻

    several suggestions; several pieces of advice 几条意见

    - (引申用于人体):

    a good [sweet] voice; 一条好嗓子

    a life 一条人命



  1. 修筑一条铁路要花费许多劳动力。
    It takes a lot of labor to build a railway.
  2. 在你读到的地方夹上张纸条。
    Put a piece of paper in (ie in your book) to mark your place.
  3. 他们在窗户上加了窗条以防盗贼进入。
    They fitted bars to their windows to stop burglars getting in.
  4. 她有一条用三角形蓝绸子做的围巾。
    She has a scarf made of a triangular piece of blue silk.
  5. 我是今天早晨从报纸上知道这条消息的。
    I learned this piece of news from the newspaper this morning.
  6. 她把布撕成细条。
    She slit cloth into strips.
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