• - (向远处看) look over; gaze into the distance; look far into the distance:

    wait and see; 观望

    climb high and gaze far; 登高望远

    - (探望) visit; call on:

    call to pay one's respects; call on; 拜望

    call on; visit 看望

    - (盼望; 希望) expect; hope:

    Awaiting your reply. 望回信。

    Hoping you'll return as soon as possible. 望速归。

    - (怨) resent; hate:

    have a grudge against sb.; hate 怨望

  • - (希望) hope; expectation:

    desire; wish; hope; 愿望

    lose hope; 失望

    - (名望) reputation; prestige:

    popularity; prestige; 声望

    prestige; 威望

    - (月相; 月望) full moon
    - (望日) the 15th day of a lunar month
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Wang Xing 望兴

  • - (对着; 朝着) at; to:

    wave to the spectators; 望观众挥手致意

    nod at her and smile 望她点头笑了笑



  1. 别了!希望很快我们能再见面。
    Farewell! I hope we meet again soon.
  2. 我希望我们和和气气地分手。
    I hope we can part as friends.
  3. 我希望一早就动身离开。
    I hope to get away early in the morning.
  4. 干燥的天气之后,人人都希望下雨。
    After these dry days, everyone hopes for rain.
  5. 他是学校的希望。
    He is the hope of his school.
  6. 我希望你能原谅我。
    I hope You'll forgive me.
  7. 我有义务去探望年老的姑妈。
    I'm duty bound to visit my old aunt.
  8. 希望在新的工作岗位上,她的才干能够得到比以往更好的发挥。
    It is hoped that in her new job her talents will be better utilised than before.


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