• - (暖和) warm; genial:

    bright sunshine and gentle breeze; warm and sunny weather; 风和日暖

    During the warmth of spring all the flowers bloom.; Flowers bloom during the warm spring. 春暖花开。

  • - (使东西变热或使身体变温暖) warm up:

    warm one's hands; 暖一暖手

    There is a fire in here; come in and warm yourself up. 屋里有火,快进来暖暖身子吧!



  1. 我用毯子把病人的腿包了起来,让他暖和一点儿。
    I wrapped the rug around the sick man's legs to keep him warm.
  2. 天气很暖和,我就把大衣脱了。
    I took off my overcoat since it was warm.
  3. 暖和的天气诱使我放下了学习。
    The warm weather seduced me away from my studies.
  4. 他雪天出门,裹着厚厚的围巾,穿着暖和的大衣。
    He walked out into the snow, heavily muffled up in a thick scarf and warm overcoat.
  5. 天气温暖宜人。
    The air was warm and balmy.
  6. 男孩子们在山洞里挤成一团取暖。
    The boys huddled together in the cave to keep warm.
  7. 我喜欢这块布给我的感觉,它摸上去毛茸茸的很暖和。
    I like the feel of this cloth; it has a warm woolly feel.
  8. 他揉搓着双手来取暖。
    He rubbed his hands to keep them warm.
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