• - (抱) hold in one's arms; embrace; hug:

    hug the child tightly 把孩子紧紧拥在怀里

    - (围着) gather around:

    The patient sat wrapped in a quilt. 病人拥被而坐。

    He likes to surround himself with amusing people. 他喜欢让自己身边拥着有趣的人们。

    - (挤着走) crowd; throng; swarm:

    swarm in; 一拥而入

    The crowds surge out of the sports stadium. 人群从运动场拥出。

    - (拥护) support:

    The army cherishes the people and the people support the army. 军爱民,民拥军。

    - (拥有) have; possess:

    have an army of 100,000 拥兵十万



  1. 我得到法庭认可重新拥有这笔财产。
    I've been authorised by the court to repossess this property.
  2. 街道十分拥挤,汽车无法通行。
    The street was so crowded that cars were unable to pass.
  3. 她被人群拥著向前走。
    She got swept along by the crowd.
  4. 那个歌手让那帮总是溜须拍马、前呼後拥的人给围住了。
    The singer was surrounded by the usual crowd of lackeys and hangers-on.
  5. 在拥挤的街道上,光天化日之下竟发生了抢劫。
    The robbery occurred in broad daylight, in a crowded street.
  6. 这位大演员的周围经常有些前呼後拥的人。
    The great actor was surrounded by his usual crowd of hangers-on.
  7. 电影结束后,人们从电影院蜂拥而出。
    The crowd swarmed out of the cinema after the film ended.


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