• - (把夹在中间的东西拉出; 提取) take out (from in between):

    take a report out of the file 从文件夹里抽出一份报告

    - (从全部里取出一部分; 腾出) take (a part from a whole):

    release him from his job and put him in charge of the warehouse; 把他抽出来管仓库

    Please try and find time to read the document before the meeting. 开会前请抽时间把文件看一下。

    - (某些植物体长出) (of certain plants) put forth:

    branch out; sprout; 抽枝

    The sorghum is in the ear. 高粱抽穗了。

    - (引出; 吸) obtain by drawing,etc.:

    pump water; 抽水

    draw blood (for a test or transfusion) 抽血

    - (收缩) shrink:

    This cloth shrinks in the wash. 这种布一洗就抽。

    - (用条状物等打; 抽打) lash; whip; thrash:

    lash a draught animal; 抽牲口

    whip a top 抽陀螺



  1. 你需用泵著实抽吸几分钟,才能把油箱灌满。
    You will need to pump hard for several minutes to fill the tank.
  2. 这台泵通过这个阀门把(容器中的)空气抽出。
    The pump sucks air out (of the vessel) through this valve.
  3. 抽彩仪式星期六举行。
    The draw for the raffle takes place on Saturday.
  4. 发动机将水沿管道抽来。
    The engine draws water along the pipe.
  5. 他抽著烟斗,若有所思。
    He drew thoughtfully on his pipe.
  6. 在两道菜之间抽烟有时认为是失礼的。
    It is sometimes considered bad form to smoke between courses at a meal.
  7. 妇女在大众面前抽烟并非不常见。
    It is not uncommon for women to smoke in public.
  8. 在办公室里抽烟可以吗?
    Is it okay to smoke in the office?


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