• - (掉转; 转动) turn round:

    turn one's head away; 扭过头去

    He looked over his shoulder. 他扭过头来看了一下。

    - (拧; 旋转) twist; wrench:

    twist a twig and break it; 把树枝扭断

    wrench the door open; 用力把门扭开

    - (拧伤) sprain; wrench:

    wrench a tendon; sprain a muscle; 扭了筋

    sprain one's back 扭了腰

    - (走路时身体摇动) roll; swing:

    She walks with a rolling gait. 她走路一扭一扭的。

    - (揪住) seize; grapple with:

    The two wrestlers grappled together. 两个摔交手扭在一起。



  1. 扭转,扭曲扭动的动作或实例;压挤或扭曲
    The act or an instance of wringing; a squeeze or twist.
  2. 他回过身来,帮助那位扭了脚的朋友。
    He came back to help his friend who had sprained an ankle.
  3. 他跳下去的时候扭伤了足踝。
    He gave a wrench to his ankle when he jumped down.
  4. 即使隔这么远,仍可以看见奴隶们因挨主人的鞭打而痛苦地扭动身体。
    Even from this distance, you could see the slaves writhing under their master's whip.
  5. 他的整个脑子都集中考虑一个问题,如何扭转局势,使之对敌人不利。
    His whole mind was concentrated on one thing only- how to turn the tables on the enemy.
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