• - (速度高; 走路、做事等费的时间短) fast; quick; rapid; swift; speedy:

    be quick in action; 动作快

    very fast; 快极了

    - (赶快; 从速) hurry up; make haste:

    Hurry in, children. It's raining! 孩子们,快进来,下雨啦 !

    Bring the doctor in haste. 快把医生请来。

    - (速度) speed:

    How fast can this car go? 这车能跑多快?

    - (灵敏) quick-witted; ingenious:

    quick of eye and deft of hand; 眼明手快

    He has a quick mind.; He's quick-witted.; He understands things quickly. 他脑子快。

    - (刀、剪、斧子等锋利) sharp; keen:

    a sharp ax(e); 快斧

    This knife is very sharp. 这把刀很快。

    - (爽快; 痛快; 直截了当) straightforward; forthright; plainspoken:

    straightforward and outspoken 心直口快

    - (愉快; 高兴; 舒服) pleased; happy; gratified:

    to the immense satisfaction of the people; 大快人心

    clap and cheer; 拍手称快

  • - (迅速地) quickly:

    Come here quickly! 快来!

    - (快要; 将近) soon; before long:

    The Spring Festival is drawing near. 春节快到了。

    The class will be over soon. 快下课了。

  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Kuai Qin 快钦



  1. 他能跑得和我一样快。
    He can run as fast as I can.
  2. 我喜欢节奏快的音乐。
    I like fast music.
  3. 老人快步走开了。
    The old man set off at a quick trot.
  4. 他的车祸给了他一个教训,使他不再开快车。
    His car accident has been a lesson to him to stop driving too fast.
  5. 他跑得飞快,足以抓住那小偷。
    He ran fast enough to catch the thief.
  6. 吉姆跑得快,但我跑得也一样快。
    Jim runs fast, but I run just as fast.
  7. 我们很快就吃完了巧克力蛋糕。
    We soon despatched the chocolate cake.
  8. 树叶已开始变色,很快就是冬天了。
    The leaves have started to color; it will soon be winter.
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