• - (物体挡住光线后映出的形象) shadow:

    shadow of a tree; 树影

    The tree projects a shadow on the grass. 树投影于草地上。

    - (镜中、水面等反映出来的物体形象) reflection; image:

    inverted image; 倒影

    a lake with the reflection of a pagoda in it 湖光塔影

    - (模糊的形象或印象) trace; vague impression; sign:

    He's clean forgotten it. 他早就忘得没影儿了。

    - (照片) photograph; picture:

    group photo [picture]; 合影

    have a photograph taken 留影

    - (电影) motion picture; film; movie:

    film star 影星

    - (皮影戏) leather-silhouette show
  • - (隐藏) hide:

    The rabbit hid in the high grass. 娡米影在高高的草丛中。

    - (描摹) depict



  1. 你看过她新拍的电影吗?
    Have you seen her latest picture?
  2. 树在草坪上都投下长长的影子。
    The trees threw long shadows across the lawn.
  3. 每个人嗜好不同,有人喜欢音乐,有人喜欢摄影,还有些人喜欢爬山。
    People vary in taste; some love music, some enjoy taking pictures, and still others are fond of climbing mountains.
  4. 电影什么时候映完?
    When does the picture go off?
  5. 她的影像在他眼前浮现。
    Her image rose before him.
  6. 小猫看到自己在镜子中的倒影,感到很好奇。
    The cat felt curious when she saw her own reflection in the mirror.
  7. 树影映在墙上。
    The tree cast its shadow on the wall.
  8. 一些电影院曾叫作电影宫。
    Some cinemas used to be called Picture Palaces.


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