• - (时间单位) year:

    this [next] year; 今[明]年

    last year; 去年

    - (元旦或春节) New Year:

    pay a New Year visit; 拜年

    spend [celebrate] the New Year 过年

    - (岁数; 年纪) age:

    over sixty (years old) 年过60

    - (一生中按年龄划分的阶段) a period in one's life:

    old age; 老年

    childhood; 童年

    - (时期; 时代) a period in history:

    in recent years; 近年来

    towards the end of the Ming Dynasty 明朝末年

    - (年成) harvest:

    rich harvest; a fat year; a bumper year; 丰年

    the land yields good harvests and the people enjoy good health 人寿年丰

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Nian Gengyao 年羹尧

  • - (每年的) annual; yearly:

    annual output [yield] 年产量



  1. 我认为秋天是一年中最美的季节。
    I think autumn is the most beautiful season in a year.
  2. 这些年来,他取得了丰富的经验。
    He has gained rich experience in these years.
  3. 查理一世统治英国11年。
    Charles ruled England for 11 years.
  4. 去年冬天,地上积雪很厚。
    Last winter the snow lay thick on the ground.
  5. 有个年幼的学生在炎炎烈日下晕倒了。
    A young student fainted in the hot sun.
  6. 9年来这家公司的规模扩大了一倍。
    The company doubled its size in nine years.
  7. 这些年,他干了许多可耻的事情。
    He has done many dishonorable things these years


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