• - (急切盼望) hope earnestly; wait anxiously for:

    strain one's eyes in waiting day and night; look forward to night and day 朝巴夜望

    - (粘住; 紧贴) cling to; stick to:

    crust sticks to pot; 巴了锅

    The ivy clings to the wall. 爬山虎巴在墙上。

    - (爬) climb physically and socially:

    have ambition to rise in society 巴高望上

    - (挨着) be close to; be next to:

    a desolate place,not close to anything; with no village ahead and no inn behind -- stranded in an uninhabited area 前不巴村,后不巴店

    - (张开) open; split; crack; break up:

    look with wide open eyes; 巴着眼瞧

    The table cracked. 桌子巴缝了。

  • - (巴蛇,古代传说中的大蛇) python
    - (干燥粘结物) crust; crust like formation:

    rice crust sticking to pot; 锅巴

    scar on wound; 疮巴

    - (部分生物器官) part of compounds denoting tip,end,tail:

    chin; 下巴

    mouth; 嘴巴

    - (周朝国名) Ba,a state in the Zhou Dynasty
    - (指四川东部) ancient name of East Sichuan
    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ba Jin 巴金

    - {物}(压强单位) bar:

    millibar; 毫巴

    microbar 微巴



  1. 这首歌曲常被说成是巴赫做的。
    This song is often ascribed to Bach.
  2. 他们正计划九月份访问巴勒斯坦。
    They are planning to visit Palestine in September.
  3. 【谚】一个巴掌拍不响。
    It takes two to make a quarrel.
  4. 孩子们眼巴巴地等候话剧开始。
    With expectant faces, children are waiting for the drama to start.
  5. 她这时巴不得整个事情都结束才好。
    She began to wish the whole business finished.


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