• - {音} (中国民族音乐音阶上的一级,乐谱上用做记音符号,参看“工尺”) a note of the scale in gongchepu (工尺谱),corresponding to 2 in numbered musical notation
  • - (长度单位,一市尺合1/3米) chi, a unit of length (=1/3 metre):

    let saliva run down from the mouth as long as three chi -- cannot hide one's greed 垂涎三尺

  • - (量长度的器具) rule; ruler:

    T-square; 丁字尺

    folding rule 折尺

    - (像尺的东西) an instrument in the shape of a ruler:

    slide rule; 计算尺

    bronze paperweight 镇尺



  1. 木匠量了一下棚屋的尺寸,立刻估计出它的大小。
    The carpenter ran his ruler over the shed and sized it up at once.
  2. 三英尺为一码。
    Three feet make one yard.
  3. 雪深两英尺。
    The snow is two feet in depth.
  4. 这段消防水管大约有60英尺长。
    This fire hose is about sixty feet long.
  5. 龙卷风是一种猛烈的旋风,其直径从几码到1300英尺。
    Tornadoes are violent whirlwinds which vary in their width from a few yards to 1300 feet.
  6. 我估计房间的长度为10英尺。
    My estimate of the length of the room was 10 feet.
  7. 这房间长15英尺,宽10英尺。
    The room is 15 feet in length and 10 feet in breadth.
  8. 他提醒我别忘了带尺子。
    He reminded me not to forget to bring my ruler.


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