• - (天空) sky; heaven:

    under the open sky; in the open; 露天

    sail the blue heavens 在蓝天中翱翔

    - (一昼夜; 白天) day:

    in two or three days; 过两天

    a few days ago; 前几天

    - (一天里的某一段时间) a period of time in a day:

    around four in the morning; at dawn; 五更天

    It's still early. 天儿还早呢。

    - (季节) season:

    summer; 夏天

    the rainy season 黄梅天

    - (天气) weather:

    overcast; cloudy day; 阴天

    wet weather; 雨天

    - (自然) nature:

    combat nature; conquer nature; 战天斗地

    Man will conquer nature. 人定胜天。

    - (迷信者指自然界的主宰者; 造物) God; Heaven:

    Good Heavens! 天哪!

    God knows! 天知道!

    - (迷信者指神佛仙人的处所) Heaven:

    go to Heaven; die 上西天

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Tian Gao 天高

  • - (位置在顶部的; 凌空架设的) overhead:

    ceiling; 天棚

    skylight; 天窗

    - (天然的; 天生的) natural; innate:

    natural instincts; 天性

    natural calamity 天灾



  1. 我真是累极了,简直可以睡上一整天。
    I'm so tired I could sleep for a whole day.
  2. 暴风雨来临时,天空转暗。
    The sky turned dark as the storm came near.
  3. 我可不喜欢整天和他在一起。
    I'm not too enamored with the idea of spending a whole day with him.
  4. 我们的假日过得好无聊,每天都下雨。
    We had a mouldy holiday - it rained every day.
  5. 今天天气很好。
    It's a nice day today.
  6. 你今天过得好吗?
    Did you have a good day today?
  7. 她抬起头来,凝望着十二月份阴沉沉的天空。
    She looked up staring at the sombre December sky.
  8. 云是天空中的水汽团。
    A cloud is a mass of vapor in the sky.


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