• - (用栅栏把家禽围起来) shut in a pen; pen in:

    herd the sheep into the pens 把羊群圈起来

    - (把犯人拘禁起来) lock up; put in jail:

    lock up a prisoner 把犯人圈起来

    - (闷在; 关闭) confine:

    Speak out. Don't just brood over things. 你有什么事就说吧,别圈在心里。

    I should hate to be confined within the four walls of an office all day. 我讨厌整天给圈在办公室的小天地里。

  • - (环形; 环形物) circle; ring:

    ring of encirclement; encirclement; 包围圈

    the Arctic [Antarctic] Circle; 北极 [南极]圈

    - (一定的范围) circle; group:

    He doesn't belong to the inner circle.; He's not on the inside. 他不是圈里人。

    That's really going too far. 这话说得出圈儿了。

  • - (在四周加上限制;围)enclose; encircle:

    enclose the vegetable garden with a fence 用篱笆把菜园圈起来

    - (画圈做记号) mark with a circle:

    Mark the wrong word with a circle. 把那个错字圈了。

  • - (养猪羊等牲畜的建筑) pen; fold; sty:

    sheepfold; sheep pen; 羊圈

    pigsty 猪圈

    - (姓氏) a surname:

    Juan Cheng 圈称



  1. 他活动于社交甚严的社交圈内,而且属于那些最不愿吸收外人的俱乐部。
    He moves in exclusive social circles and belongs to the most exclusive clubs.
  2. 通电时线圈就会有磁性。
    The loop becomes magnetic when the current is switched on.
  3. 他用绳子打个圈,套在这头小公牛的角上。
    He looped the rope around the steer's horns.
  4. 他用篱笆把地圈起来。
    He enclosed the land with a hedge.
  5. 南极圈和北极圈内有动物存在吗?
    Are there any animals in the polar circles?
  6. 花萼围绕在花瓣外层的一圈。
    Calyx encloses an unopened flower bud.


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