• - (方向相背) reverse side:

    get just the opposite 适得其反

    - (造反) rebellion:

    attempt rebellion 谋反

    - (指反革命、反动派) counterrevolutionaries; reactionaries:

    elimination of counterrevolutionaries 肃反

  • - (转换; 翻过来) turn over:

    as easy as turning one's hand over; 易如反掌

    turn failure to success 反败为胜

    - (回; 还) return; counter:

    counter with a question 反问

    - (反抗; 反对) oppose; combat; turn against:

    oppose hegemonism; anti-hegemonism; 反霸权主义

    be against war; 反战

    - (背叛) rebel; revolt:

    rebe 反叛

  • - (相反的) opposite; contrary; reversed:

    have one's socks on inside out; 穿反了袜子

    The result is just the contrary. 适得其反。

  • - (反而; 相反地) on the contrary; instead:

    on the contrary, it is worse than the last paragraph; 反不如前一段写得好

    instead the matter got worse 反把事情弄僵了

    - (从反面) back:

    look back upon past or own mistake 反顾



  1. 我们应该努力消除目前的这股反政府情绪。
    We must try to counteract the present current of anti-government feeling.
  2. 很多人反对人工流产。
    Many people are anti-abortion.
  3. 反核武器组织要求禁止使用核武器。
    Anti-nuclear organizations want to ban the bomb.
  4. 反英宣传触犯了众怒。
    The anti-British propaganda gave (ie caused) much offence.
  5. 反对堕胎的人照例提出了抗议。
    There were the usual protests from the anti-abortion contingent.
  6. 我们应该考虑父母的建议,反之亦然。
    We should take into account the proposals of our parents and vice versa.
  7. 向议员游说的反核群众声势渐强。
    The anti-nuclear lobby is/are becoming stronger.
  8. 他们对普遍存在的反政府情绪感到很吃惊。
    They were very surprised by the prevalence of anti-government sentiments.


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