• - (对物体施压力) press; push down; hold down; weigh down:

    press flat; flatten; 压扁

    crush (to pieces); 压碎

    - (使稳定; 使平静) keep under control; control; keep under; quell:

    drink some hot water to ease a cough; 喝点热水把咳嗽压一压

    try hard to control one's anger; hold back one's rage; 强压住心头怒火

    - (压制) bring pressure to bear on; suppress; daunt; intimidate:

    overwhelm people with one's power; 以势压人

    Don't you try to intimidate people by pinning labels on them. 别拿大帽子压人。

    - (逼近) approach; be getting near:

    The 5th Regiment bore down on the enemy positions. 第五团向敌人阵地压过去。

    The setting sun was touching the hilltop. 太阳压山了。

    - (搁着不动) pigeonhole; shelve:

    They shelve the letters and do not give them due consideration. 他们把信件压起来,不加处理。

    This document was pigeonholed for quite some time. 这份公文压了不少时间。

    - (下赌注) risk (money, etc.) on sth.; stake
  • - (压力) pressure:

    hydraulic [water] pressure; 水压

    blood pressure 血压



  1. 这种金属框受压後容易变形。
    The metal frame tends to twist under pressure.
  2. 熨斗压在湿布上时发出嘶嘶声。
    The iron hissed as it pressed the wet cloth.
  3. 处于这种可怕的压力之下,不疯才怪呢。
    It's hard to stay sane under such awful pressure.
  4. 水压可能需要调整。
    The water pressure may need adjusting.
  5. 她丈夫殷切地希望她能成功,给了她很大的压力。
    Her husband exerted a lot of pressure on her to succeed.
  6. 我的压力很大。
    I'm under a lot of pressure.
  7. 今天的气压怎么样?
    What's the atmospheric pressure today?


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