[jì jí]




  • - (靠近; 接触)approach; reach; be near:

    within sight but beyond reach 可望而不可即

    - (到; 开始从事) assume; undertake:

    ascend the throne 即位

    - (就着) prompted by the occasion:

    impromptu 即兴

    - (表示判断: 就是) be; mean; namely:

    The Spring Festival is the lunar New Year. 春节即农历新年。

    It must be either this or that. 非此即彼。

  • - (当下; 目前) the same (day, etc.); immediate; at present; in the immediate future:

    this very day; 即日

    right now; at this very moment; 即今

  • - (就; 便) promptly; at once:

    get up as soon as it dawns; 黎明即起

    correct one's mistake as soon as it is pointed out; 闻过即改

  • - (即使) even; even if
  • - (姓氏) a surname:

    Ji Fei 即费



  1. 他突然对即将到来的危险有了一种预感。
    Suddenly he had a presage about the near danger.
  2. 一提到他的名字,他立即站了起来。
    At the mention of his name, he instantly stood up.
  3. 如果战争爆发,我们将立即被征召服役。
    If war breaks out, we shall be called up right away.
  4. 他病了,你应该立即请大夫来。
    He is ill; you should call in the doctor right away.
  5. 莉迪亚简单地陈述了马上要做的事,即为委员会选出一个秘书和财务管理人。
    Lydia briefly stated the business in hand, namely to choose a secretary and treasurer for the committee.


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