• - (进来或进去) enter:

    since winter has set in; 入冬以来

    enter a country; 入境

    - (参加) join; be admitted into; become a member of:

    enlist in the armed forces; 入伍

    In the following year he joined the Communist Party. 第二年他入了党。

    - (合乎) conform to; agree with:

    fashionable;à la mode 入时

  • - (收入) income; means:

    annual income 岁入

    - {语} (入声) entering tone



  1. 他只能靠微薄的收入来养家。
    He had to support his family with his meager income.
  2. 消防队员需用呼吸器械才能进入燃烧著的房屋。
    Firemen needed breathing apparatus to enter the burning house.
  3. 你有进入加拿大必备的签证吗?
    Have you the requisite visa to enter Canada?
  4. 有人看见她约在案发时进入了该建筑物。
    She was seen to enter the building about the time the crime was committed.
  5. 为什麽允许这些人随意进入该地?
    Why give these people licence to enter the place at will?
  6. 出于个人利益考虑,男子开始介入女子的工作领域。
    Men begin to enter female jobs out of consideration for personal interest.
  7. 我认为不该让这样的人进入这个国家。
    It's my persuasion that such people should not be allowed to enter this country.
  8. 那个年青的伯爵不允许这些穷人进入他的领地。
    The young earl didn't allow the poor people to enter his earldom.


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