warm needling

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Warm Needling的用法和样例:


  1. Objective To objectively evaluate the clinical efficacies of differe nt types of warm needling in treating retrogressive gonarthritis.
  2. Object: observed the clinic effect of warm needling, which treated the arteriosclotic cerebral infarction(ACI) patients of the acute period and convalescence .
    目的:观察了温针灸治疗风痰瘀阻型动脉硬化性脑梗死(arteriosclotic cerebral infarction)急性期及恢复期的临床疗效。
  3. Method 45 cases of cervical spondylosis of nerve root treated by deep acupuncture cervical paravertebral point with long needle. 35 cases treated by warm needling therapy.
  4. Results The cure and ma r ked efficacy rate was significantly higher in the warm needling and warm needlin g plus blood-letting puncture and cupping groups than in the simple acupuncture group.
  5. Methods One hundred and eighty pollinosis patients were randomly allocated to warm needling and acupuncture groups.The therapeutic effect was evaluated after one course of treatment.
  6. This work was to investigate the effects of warmed needling ofShenshu points on uteri, ovaria, dominant folliculi and its regulation on estrin levels.

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