vacuum drier

  • 真空干燥器

vacuum drier的用法和样例:


  1. The extract is filtered and spry in vacuum dryer to obtain dye.
  2. This machine is applicable to the sheepskin,pigskin,leather after system,dye of hang to dry in the air dry,still be applicable to the vacuum dry empress of regulate the aridity.
  3. Thinking of a new high production shirt unit with special vacuum drying?
  4. Descriptions SZG series Double Taper Vacuum Drier is a new generation drying device develope d by our factory on the basis of combining the techology of same products.
    * 在密闭的夹层中通入热能源(如热水,低压蒸汽或导热油),热量经内壳传给被干燥物料。
  5. The contents of HGF in four preserved AMs (except in DMEM/glycerol at 1 month) and bFGF in vacuum dry storage and glycerol AM at 3 months,ethanol AM at 1 and 3 months decreased significantly compared with fresh AM( p<0.05).
    HGF 在各组(除外 DMEM/甘油保存 1 个月)的含量均明显低于新鲜羊膜组;bFGF在真空干燥组和纯甘油组保存 3 个月、无水酒精组保存 1、3 个月时的含量明显低于新鲜羊膜组;统计学上差异有显著性(p<0.;05)。
  6. The vacuum dry makes the materials dry used in pharmacy, scientific and technological researching and others units to sterilize clothes, dressing, matal instrument and glass vessel and others.
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