user test

  • 用户试验

user test的用法和样例:


  1. Q: How do you handle user testing?
  2. The facilitator is responsible for keeping everybody disciplined and the user test on the right track.
  3. It is the main task of the architecture design to define components' properties,to serially store user test programs,to detach the data flow from control flow and to drive the data and control by lines.
    实现控件各种属性设置、用户仪器测试程序的序列化存储、控件的数据流和控制流的分离 ; 利用连线实现数据驱动和控制驱动 ;
  4. User testing often helps finding out whether a product has hit the mark.
  5. Functional testing allows companies to create user test suites with minimal effort, enabling them to deploy higher-quality applications faster and with reduced risks and cost.
  6. A simple test will show if this is real gold.
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