user options

  • 用户任选项

user options的用法和样例:


  1. You can configure user options dynamically for new logins.
    可以为新登录名动态配置user options。
  2. We do touch on other plug-ins when they provide a richer set of user options for specific tasks.
  3. This can be set by using either the user options option in sp_configure or the SET statement.
    这可以使用sp_configure中的user options选项或SET语句进行设置。
  4. After you change the setting of user options, new login sessions use the new setting; current login sessions are not affected.
    更改user options的设置后,新的登录名会话将使用新的设置,当前登录名会话受不影响。
  5. When a user initiates the Switch User option, the computer returns to the Welcome screen.
  6. Themes consist of color sets, image sets, and font sets that can be named and then used either specifically for a given page or loaded dynamically as a user option.

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