user operation

  • 用户操作

user operation的用法和样例:


  1. Even using objects to encapsulate statistics tracking, the traditional approach would require multiple calls for every user operation and every access to a resource.
  2. This separation allows simultaneous user operations and maintenance procedures.
  3. Sloan's Optima products also ensure access and ease of use by the disabled. The fact that they do not require manual operation means that they are less susceptible to the abuses of user operation.
  4. This group ranges from a single user operating a handset via a computer to predictive dialing applications.
  5. Some effective measures are put forward, such as Bluetooth Security at Link Level, user authority management based on Web Cookie, and a control data frame with check code to solve mainly problems of security and user operation rationality in the network.
    为了解决家居控制网络中的安全性和用户操作的合理性等关键问题,通过采用蓝牙链路级安全模式,融合Web Cookie的用户权限管理及带校验的命令数据封装等方法进行了有效解决。

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