used soil

  • 用地

Used soil的用法和样例:


  1. Use soil sampler and plankton net to collect organisms in the mud and water respectively.
  2. Some of the commonly used soil fumigants also have high volatilization, which makes it possible to remove fumigants from topsoil by SVE.
  3. In abandon farmland afforestation, can use soil preparation of channel of hold up fosse, level, dig the measure such as segregation belt.
  4. It is suggested that to use soil catalase and saccharase activities to indecate the contamination situation by heavy metal in the soil of tea garden.
  5. If must replace the bathroom the floor tile, after chisels the original floor tile, certainly must the water used soil mortar level the first ground, then makes waterproof processing again.
  6. As a result, how to rehabilitate vegetation and use soil and water resources harmoniously is the key to control environment and eliminate poverty in Karst Region of Southwest China.
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