use rs set

  • 用户设备, 用户装置

use rs set的用法和样例:


  1. The table in the last example is called use rs and we have defined 3 field s: user_id of type integer, ha ndle of type text and is_activ e of type boolean.
    前面例子中的表格被称为 users 并且我们定义了 3 个 域:类型为整数的 user_id,类型为文本的 handle 和类型为逻辑型的 is_active。
  2. Beforewe use RS Downloader to download as free user, we'll first need tocreate an automatic way to disconnect and then re-connect the Internetto get a new IP address from your ISP.
  3. Using RS and GIS technology,two periods of remote sensing images in 1992 and 2005 have been delt with.
  4. The company set this sum by for future use.
  5. Using RS images, land use/ cover can be inspected rapidly, accurately and in time.

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