turbulent jets

  • 紊动射流

turbulent jets的用法和样例:


  1. Guo Tingting,Li Shaohua,Xu Zhong.A numerical simulation of three-dimension turbulent jets in crossflow[J].Proceedings of the CSEE,2003,23(7):181-188(in Chinese).
  2. A turbulent jet issuing transversely into a uniform crossflow is an important type of fluid flow and can be found in many engineering applications.
  3. The PIV technique is applied to visually measure the flow field in the vicinity of the exit of slot turbulent jet with limited width discharged into cross-flow from bottom.
  4. By means of superposing ring turbulent jet flow with confluent flow, the mathematical model of flow-field of wind-curtain dust-catching fan is established, which provi...
  5. Measures the time mean velocity and velocity fluctuation using a hot film anemometer with different confinement ratio for the axisymmetric turbulent jet in a dead-end tunnel.
  6. Analyzing the structure and properties of grinding fluid jet, the velocity distribution field of round turbulent jet is discussed theoretically and simulated.

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