transfer risk

  • 转让风险

transfer risk的用法和样例:


  1. The educational financial system which based on debt model doesn t have a good symmetry for "risk-return" and is not conducive for the capital demander to transfer risk.
  2. Abstract:Risk Premium Transfer (RPT) Effect is the phenomenon that as hedgers in futures markets transfer risk to speculators, they also need to transfer risk premiums to speculators as compensations.
  3. The outstanding characteristic of PPP is that public sectors transfer risks to private sectors and private sectors pass VFM to public sectors.
  4. British counterpart, speaking over breakfast, compares the process of transferring risk around the financial system to spreading butter on toast.With luck, he says, the butter will not be rancid.
  5. Fund-raising sy stem induced by economic growth should perform the following five functions-- - collect funds,lower transac-tion cost,discover price,increase liquidity and transfer risks.
    内生于经济增长的融资制度应具备筹资功能、降低交易成本功能、 价格发现 功能、流动性功能和风险转移功能等五方面的功能。
  6. He intends to transfer the property to his son.
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