total stocks

  • 总贮存量

total stocks的用法和样例:


  1. Money supply refers to the total stock of money available in an economy.
  2. They have a registered membership of 1.3 million and a total stock of 2.4million books and 173 459 audio-visual items.
  3. Refers to total stock volume of wood growing in forest area, which shows the total size and level of forest resources of a country or a region.
  4. New completions pushed the total stock of the Beijing office market to expand by 1.71% q-o-q or 14.04% y-o-y to 10,768,407 sqm.
  5. According to a research report in IMF's biannual World Economic Outlook, total stock market value in euro areas declined by 20 percent in the same period of time, while Japan market declined by 12 percent.
  6. Based on the operation of refined oil companies during the oil price declining period, the total stock cost is divided into storage cost, risk cost, capital cost, OOS cost and ordering cost.
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