total iron

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total iron的用法和样例:


  1. When alkalinity is lower,total iron in circulating water system and alkalinity is inverse relationship.
  2. Paramagnetic iron oxides are the dominant ones, with a mean value of 68 % of total iron oxides.
  3. Transferritin(TRF),serum iron(SI) and total iron binding capacity(TIBC) were correlated with the duration of drug abuse.
    滥用时间 >12个月者的血清铁 (SI)与正常对照组相比明显增加 (P <0 .;0 5 ) ; 总铁结合力 (TIBC)与正常对照组相比明显降低 (P <0
  4. The level of the hemoglobin, serum iron level, serum ferritin, total iron binding capability and transfer ferritin saturation were analyzed before and after treatment.
  5. "Strong positive correlations were found between the intensity of fishy aftertaste and the concentration of both total iron and ferrous ion," the researchers said in a statement.
  6. Continuous car type furnace was used in iron ore reduction successfully.The contents of with rotary hearth furnace are as more than 92% metallization and about 90% total iron.
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