total excision

  • 全切除

total excision的用法和样例:


  1. He received total excision of the lesion at our OPD.
  2. There has been no recurrence three years after total excision of this papule.
  3. Conclusion Preoperative transarterial embolization plays an important role in total excision of giant hemangioma.
    结论 术前经动脉栓塞是根治性切除巨大血管瘤的重要步骤。
  4. Objective:Discussing and summarizing the importance of observation and nursing after thyroid gland inferior total excision surgery.
  5. In order to preserve the total or partial laryngeal function of voice and deglutition,epiglottis was pulled downward after a total excision of the tumor to reconstruct the anterior or anterior-lateral wall of the residual laryngeal cavity.
    结果 :在彻底切除喉癌后 ,下移会厌修复残存喉腔的前壁或侧前壁 ,患者恢复了全部或部分 (发声、吞咽保护 )喉功能并保留了会厌的全部或部分功能。
  6. Total excision of choledochal cyst, extension of normal hepatic ducts anastomoses opening and mucous membrane to mucous membrane anastomoses played key roles in the succeed operation.

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