total ester

  • 总酯

total ester的用法和样例:


  1. Under this condition, the conversion ratio of terpineol was 100%, the total ester was 92.79%, the content of lemonene with carene as main byproducts was 5.27% among products.
    在此条件下进行稳定性实验 ;产物中总酯的含量为 92 .;79%25;主要副产物柠檬烯和异松油烯的含量为 5
  2. The results showed that the relative contents of fusel oil were decreased;the relative contents of total ester, total acid and phenylethyl alcohol increased after PEF treatment.
  3. Its application could effectively increase total acids content and total esters content and achieve satisfactory effects immediately.Nevertheless,capr...
  4. The results indicated that different use level of active carbon would result in different content of phosphor, iron, solids, total acids and total esters in liquor.
  5. For liquor of the same alcoholicity, both the decrement of total esters and the increment of total acids in liquor of high grade were higher than that in liquor of inferior grade.
  6. Influence of glucose in testing the total ester in nutritious blended liquors
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