total biomass

  • 总生物量

total biomass的用法和样例:


  1. Fish results showed that in the above 4 processes, AOB became dominant with compared to NOB and accounted for 3%~12% of total biomass.
  2. While total biomass and yield of most legume crops is lower than cereals, legume seed and leaf protein concentrations can be several times higher.
  3. The3-year Calophaca korshinskii Kom shoot to total biomass ration is 71.8% in lower shady slope, 67.8% in upper shady position, and 62.3% in solar position .
  4. Results demonstrate that the total biomass increases with the increasing volumetric capacity of carriers,but the biomass attached on each carrier cube decreases.
  5. Both the total biomass of zooplankton and its trend of horizontal distribution had evident seasonal variations, which was related to the seasonal replacement of dominant species.
  6. With the increase of age of Hedysarum species,ratio of edible tender branches decreased in August,ratio of lignified branches of 2-year Hedysarum species accounted for 53.82% of the total biomass and that of 3-year species accounted for 78.77% .
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