throughput rate

  • 吞吐率

throughput rate的用法和样例:


  1. The synthesis result based on SMIC 0.18um library shows that the throughput rate is 8.2Gbit/s.
  2. But this testing is sometimes limited to the measurement of one value, say, throughput rate or response time.
  3. A low cost, high performance and high speed ADC chip, AD9225 was used, which was developed by AD Co Inc in USA. Its throughput rate is up to 25MSPS.
  4. Based on SMIC 0.18um CMOS technology, 400MHz clock frequency is achieved and the data throughput rate is 51.2 Gbps with the area cost of 164 K-gates.
    基于SIMC 0.;18um标准CMOS工艺进行综合,AES IP核的规模为164Kgates,最高时钟可达400Mhz,吞吐率可达到51
  5. This function allows the selection of the gauge throughput rate, i.e. the amount of averaging performed by the internal electronics before the load reading is displayed.
  6. According to ATA protocol, PHES used hardware encryption method in FPGA to achieve the transparent data encryption and high data throughput rate by pipeline operation.

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